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Allow me to begin by thanking you, the residents of Cicero, for your support over the last several years. As we proceed through the process to replace our current Station 1, we have encountered many obstacles. Rest assured that we will continue our efforts to upgrade our station, so that we can provide you with the highest quality fire and emergency medical services.


That was not our only focus in 2015. In addition to the mandated New York State training, Regional training, and Department training, we responded to 1103 alarms. These were calls to provide professional firefighting service, motor vehicle accident rescue, and emergency medical care to your friends and neighbors. This was, by far, the most of any department in the Town

of Cicero. This is not a responsibility that we take lightly. A recent news story reported that the average volunteer firefighter will spend over 300 hours per year serving the community. I can tell you that most of our members will easily double that number in 2016. Why do we do this without any salary or compensation? Because the men and women of the Cicero Fire

Department feel it is important to sacrifice their time and energy to serve and protect the community.


This year I am again honored to report our accomplishments. Our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) performed a remarkable feat. Using Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), they were able to save the life of a patient in respiratory or cardiac arrest twice in 2015 (March 30 & August 17). Very few agencies anywhere can boast one “save” in a year, but this

is the 6th consecutive year with at least 2 saves!


We come to you asking for your support. If you can’t make a cash gift, consider a donation of a free or reduced-price service, or a vehicle that we may use for fire and rescue training at our training lot at Station #2. For your convenience, you can donate online using PayPal at our website ( and go to ‘Fundraising’ on the homepage).


Finally, some points to consider to help us better serve you:

• Do not leave portable basketball hoops at the roadside; they present a hazard to our fire apparatus

• Keep your neighborhood fire hydrants clear of landscaping in summer and snow in winter

• Make sure house numbers are visible on your mailbox and house (preferably reflective)

• Keep a list on the refrigerator of all medical problems and medications for each person in your house

• If you have medical equipment (such as large oxygen tanks) or large amounts of chemicals that may pose a risk to us in an emergency, send us the type of chemical and your address in the enclosed envelope


Whether you can help us now or not, we are grateful for your past support, and your trust in the men and women of the Cicero Volunteer Fire Department to provide the highest-quality assistance when you call. We all wish you a safe and productive 2016.


2016 Annual Fund Drive - Cicero Volunteer Fire Department  

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The Cicero Fire Department, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.





George Barrett, 2nd Assistant Chief

Chairman, Cicero Volunteer Fire Department Fund Drive Committee


Ronald Florczykowski, Chief

Brian Johnstone, Deputy Chief

James Meyers, 1st Assistant Chief

George Barrett, 2nd Assistant Chief

Jon Barrett, President

Olivia Barrett, Vice President

Karen Nicholas, Secretary

Michael Becallo, Ass’t Secretary

Josiah Dunning, Treasurer

Cecelia Barrett, Ass’t Treasurer


Ronald Florczykowski, Chief

Cicero Volunteer Fire Department

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