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"EMS Agency of the Year" 

Chief Jon Barrett


I joined the Cicero Volunteer Fire Department as an Explorer (also known as a Junior Firefighter) as one the Fire Departments first members of the program when it was created in 1994. During my service as an Explorer, I served as the first Explorer President and Captain of the program until August of 1996 when I was accepted as an Active Member (which requires you to be 18 years of age).


As an Active Member, I became a valuable asset to the Fire Department along with my fellow members and quickly entered the ranks of the Executive Board and Fire Line Offices. In 1999 I entered the Fire Line Officer ranks as a Captain and in 2002 entered the Executive Board as Vice President.


In 2003 I was elected by the membership as President of the Cicero Volunteer Fire Department serving in this position until 2008 at which time I stepped down as I was serving as President and one of the Assistant Fire Chiefs.


In 2008 I was elected by the membership as Deputy Chief at which time I served in this position until April of 2012 where I was elected as Chief of Fire. For the next three years, I served as Chief of Fire until I met the term limit of three consecutive years as outlined by the department bylaws.


As a result of the term limit, I had to step down in April of 2015 at which time I was reelected as President of the department serving until April of 2016 at which time I was reelected as Chief of Fire for 2016 – 2017 year (April to April).


I have served in the following position over the years, Captain, 2nd Assistant Chief, 1st Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, Chief, Vice President and President.


Over the last 18 years, I have served as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the Fire Department treating several thousand patients and being fortunate to have delivered a baby in the field, the recipient of the Cicero Fire Department Life Saving Award, Medal of Valor, Red Cross Real Hero Award and Central New York EMS Basic Life Support Provider of the year.


I have been fortunate to total over 400 hours of NYS Class Instruction which varies from the basic Firefighter One training course to several command classes. It is a motto of mine, that no matter what position or rank you are, training never stops.


I currently serve as the President of the Northern Section Line Officers Association where I previously served as Vice President. The Northern Section Line Officers Association was created in the 1970’s to gather those departments of the section together to discuss business and coordinate training on a monthly basis.


Over the years, I have served on several committees as a chairperson and / or committee member with the following as the most memorable: Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) purchase, Rescue # 1 Rehab, Squad # 1 & 2 Vehicle Purchase, Engine # 1 & 2 Vehicle Purchase, New Fire Station Build and many more.


I come from a family of four, two brothers and a sister. My mother and oldest brother are members of the fire department where they have also served in many different roles and at this time my brother currently serves under me as Second Assistant Chief of Fire.


I have been married for the last six years to my wife Amanda and have two beautiful children, Makaila (15) and Collin (4). I have been a resident of Cicero all my life and I am currently employed by Onondaga County Emergency Communications Center where I have worked for the last 11 years a Syracuse Police and Fire Dispatcher.


During my career with the Onondaga County Emergency Communications Center, I have been the recipient of the Dewitt Police Department Emergency Communication Award, Employee of the Month and most recent the Fire / EMS Dispatcher of the year award for 2015.


In closing, over my career I have worked with several talented members of the Emergency Services who serve New York State making it a safer place whether it be a Fire, EMS or Police incident. I also often encourage those members of the community to take that next step and come join our team which quickly becomes a second family.

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